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Increase school & college admissions with our successful digital marketing strategies.

Updated: Feb 8

Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions
Best Digital Marketing Company for Schools, Colleges & Educational Institutes

Why do educational institutions trust Ikasle?

We understand students and parents.

A dedicated education marketing agency, supporting universities, colleges, schools and overseas education to reach the right audience and connect with hundreds of new leads daily through meaningful engagement.

Our end-to-end service from graphic design, website & e-commerce, and digital marketing transformation gives fulfilment to create an education business to reach successful marketing and sales drive.

Exclusive for education | Proven 100+ times to reach and convert new students | We help to build trust and credibility | Result-oriented simple pricing | Deliver a return on your investment (ROI)

  • 20+ Clients served

  • 5000+ Leads generated

  • 5+ Years of collective experience

  • 10+ Team size

We specialized to meet the marketing challenges for our clients.

The marketing challenges and type of business goals need to achieve; we use any of the following or combinations of the below services for our clients.

  • Online admission marketing

  • Branding and related graphic design

  • Website design and payment gateway

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Online reputation management and marketing

  • Social media optimization and marketing

  • PPC and paid advertising

  • Blog and email marketing

  • Marketing videos & photography

Looking for a digital marketing partner?

We’re here and ready to help you get your next project going.

Contact us:

📞 +91 78451 32962



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