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Education Enhancement Entity 


We ensure extensive collaborations which will support our vision of becoming a leader in the educational industry.

Ikasle Education Enhancement Entity is an organization that has been established with the vision of becoming a leader in the education industry. We are a service-based organization providing ‘Continuous Improvement’ solutions to educational institutions as well as to the student community with research, higher education and professional opportunities. We also cater for an effective and constructive conveyance among the students, educators, and industry professionals by harnessing our consortium and network. We have certain methodologies schematised by our members from a diverse social and educational backgrounds. The workshops, and programs among other activities of the organization are structured based on research methodologies.

Ikasle also extends a unified collaborative platform constituting privileged members of various organizations and institutions. This benefits students joining the consortium, by rendering an opportunity, to get in touch with the educators, experts and to be enlightened with their perspectives and insights. Students can also get their work reviewed and gather-up feedback for the same, which will enhance the quality of the work. 

What We Do Best

Student Workshops on Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an acquired ability to think rationally and make decisions based on reliable qualitative and qualitative data and study the subject. We inculcate CT through various systematic sessions and techniques.


Ikasle has published several papers on this theme. We carry out this implementation in three segments. We conduct the segments based on a broad theme, which will be confined to a few main subjects and more specific subtopics under each subject.​

 CT is not a technique to learn but an ability to retain. So retention of the skill has to be consistently monitored, which we achieve through ISEE's CT challenge conclave. At the end of three segments, multi-disciplinary and/or transdisciplinary solutions will be obtained pertaining to the subjects. By these segments, we enable the students with, multi-perspective thinking, effective argument skills, and scrutinizing ability. We find this methodology to have high scope in establishing classroom satisfaction and student engagement in the educational system.

University Admission

Ikasle Education Enhancement Entity was founded on the vital premise that each of us has the right to uncouple our destiny from that of the country we are born in; in order that we are able to better realise and fulfil our potential. At Ikasle, we believe our potential is independent of our nation’s potential, and that we have the right to separate our trajectory from that of our birthplace. We are the true ‘masters of our fate, the captains of our souls.’ We control and determine our destinies, not our birthplaces. We will never stop believing in the power of your potential, and we will never rest until you start on the journey to realise your true potential.

Ikasle helps students figure out what they should do and where they should be - wherever that be in the world - to realise their full potential. It helps students navigate & assess their journey thus far, matches them to personalised mentors, counsels them towards their higher education dream with an employability lens, and makes sure that everyone punched way above their weight to make dreams come alive and truly be able to level up.


Admission Counselling

  • Our counsellors walk you through the entire process of studying internationally. Our sessions involve helping students find the right course and universities and the best part is – all our sessions are free! Ikasle helps you to choose the right course at your dream university/country.

  • Unlock your potential with a degree from top universities across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Take the first step today and talk to our experts at your convenience.

Visa application &
pre-departure assistance
  • We will help you prepare your visa documents and simplify the otherwise cumbersome process of getting a visa.​

  • You must be well-prepared for your journey overseas and hence, pre-departure briefings form an important part of our services.

Get help with IELTS, GRE, GMAT & other standardised tests
  • Live Classes

  • Mock Tests

  • Personalized Doubt Solving Sessions

  • Study Plans and Prep Material

Ikasle's Six Sigma Service

If you are a faculty member, an administrator or a leader at your educational institution trying to improve the productivity of your department, overall quality of education, or even the public perception about your institution, you are at the right place. In fact, if you know that something is not right at your institution but you don’t really know what the real problem is, then you are surely at the right place. 


These issues are much deeper than it looks for which extensive processes, analyses and key inferences are essential to attain an accurate solution. Ikasle uses Six Sigma methodology in this regard to define Continuous Improvement projects at such institutions. Six sigma is a philosophy that can be used to make massive improvements in any field. Ikasle aims to utilize this opportunity by developing an intensive Six Sigma Service in Education primarily for universities and colleges. Ikasle shall continuously strive to integrate the research outcomes from the IRL platform into the Six Sigma Service in order to further advance its relevance and capability.

Ikasle also offers the client institutions with continuous support in monitoring data, assessing progress as well as providing with appropriate suggestions to improve the concerned quality parameters. An effective marketing strategy is advised to drive the perception of people regarding the institution in a positive direction. The Six Sigma Service is customized according to the needs of the client institutions ranging from improving a particular process to partially or completely re-structuring the organizational setup. 

The primary objective of Ikasle’s Six Sigma Service is to increase productivity in educational institutions. This is a vital step towards a long-term change.


Contact us to learn more about how Ikasle can help your institution improve and grow.

Ikasle's Personalized Learning Service

If lack of student/teacher attendance, participation and motivation are your key issues, then Ikasle’s ‘Personalized Learning Service (PLS)’ offers an appropriate solution.

Often times in a crowded classroom, it is seen that some students do not perform to the expected levels. Certain students do not attend classes regularly, some lack interest and motivation, while others either have other ideas with regards to their future endeavours or feel completely lost. Ikasle’s Personalized Learning Service (PLS) aims to target each of the different sections of students carefully in understanding their specific needs and proposing fitting solutions to meet those needs. Ikasle’s Personalized Learning Service work towards inclusive education and aims to engage students in their best interest. A lot of emphases is kept on Student-Centered Learning and it plays a key role in the Personalized Learning Service.

With the help of Ikasle’s Personalized Learning Service (PLS), some of the key expected outcomes include improved student attendance, increased participation, and student-centred learning framework implementation. The process is made entirely data-oriented so as to gain key inferences, validate the solutions, and monitor the progress.

If the Personalized Learning Service (PLS) is what you are looking for your institution, then contact us to make further advancements.

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